Sales & Marketing

We have a strong, sales-driven culture that permeates our Direct-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business operation.

Our specialty is in acquiring high value customers for our clients.

  • Identification of ideal candidates for programs is critical and our process ensures success.
  • Relentless focus on the continual education of our sales team makes their performance even stronger.
  • Objectives are realized most quickly through modern skills teaching, engaged coaching, and relevant motivation.

We understand that every customer engagement is an opportunity to grow your business by assisting customers with their needs.

  • For our business-to-business customers, we look for opportunities to engage the customer in discussing their business so we may identify opportunities to solve their business obstacles.
  • For our direct-to-consumer customers, we listen and learn how to best meet their individual needs.

The common theme is: To be most effective in sales, you must first truly listen to your customer so that you may offer them a meaningful solution.

Customer Care

We recognize that Customer Care is one of the most important opportunities our clients have to impact the lifetime value of their customers

At The Echelon Group, we will move with you to perform this service in a way that drives real customer intimacy and brand loyalty. The building blocks of which are:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Recruiting and Training
  • Dedicated Operations Team
  • Management Operating System
  • Relationship Management

We can provide your organization with a one touch customer service program for high value customers. We will work with you to create a fast and efficient solution to solve your customer’s needs on the first contact. This lowers your operating costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Our customer care solution is the voice of your customers in your organization. As such, we provide the insight gained from your customers, back to your business. This 360 degree approach to customer service allows you to create solutions to make your organization more competitive.

Back Office

We realize the importance of a knowledgeable team that works with a sense of urgency to drive the back office needs of your organization.

We understand that the underlying component is quality. We measure quality throughout our process and provide you with detailed accounts of our Key Performance Indicators.

  • Perform a Business Process Assessment of your workflow to map out a best practice solution.
  • Work with your organization to create a seamless implementation.
  • Keep our clients well informed on all of our Key Performance Indicators.
  • Our Client Services team takes on the role of ensuring we are always focused on “What is best for our client.”